CURRENT SPRE Activities/Opportunities

  • SPRE is currently doing a reboot of the landmark 2013 Rent--Lease--Own Study! We are also running workshops in December 2019 and January 2020 to build capacity in the sector and gather better data for the study.
  • Check the SPRE Home Page and "News/Updates" for other upcoming events.


  • 2018 Hero Work Panel on Non Profit/Chairty Needs for Real Estate, Irene Gannitsos & Jacqueline Gijssen, Victoria
  • 2018 ​Space for Cutlure at "Unrestricted" BC Alliance for Arts & Culture & Greater Vancouver Professional Theatre Association Conference, Jennifer Johnstone-Central City Foundation, Martha Burton-Renewal Partners, Irene Gannitsos-Vancity Community Foundation, Pierre Stolte/Deborah Meyers-Canadian Heritage, Alix Sales-City Vancouver Culture, Jacquie Gijssen, Project Director, SPRE with graphic recording by Annalee Kornelsen.
  • 2018 SPRE Site Visits: BC Artscape Chinatown Cultural HUB
  • 2017 Finding Community Spaces in an Increasingly Crowded City, IMPACT West: A Forum for Foundations, Non-Profits and Charitable Organizations, Jennifer Johnstone & Jacqueline Gijssen, Vancouver
  • 2017 Resiliency & Sustainability Through Social Purpose Real Estate, National Executive Forum on Public Property, Jacqueline Gijssen, Vancouver
  • 2017 Social Purpose Real Estate: Solutions for Victoria NPOs, Hosted by Social Innovation Centre, Vancity and Victoria Foundation, Jacqueline Gijssen, Victoria
  • 2017 Place, Invitational Discussion in preparation for 2018 National Conveying, Jacqueline Gijssen, Vancouver 
  • 2017 Enhance Mission, Capital and Operations with SPRE Partnerships, BC Non-Profit Housing Association Conference, Housing Central, Karen Hemmingson, Jennifer Johnstone, Jordan Brown and Jacqueline Gijssen, Richmond
  • 2017 Partnership Exploration, Housing Partnership Conference, Jennifer Johnstone, Richmond
  • 2017 SPRE Symposium: Demystifying Real Estate for Non Profits and Social Enterprise with "Intelligent Leasing", "Finding the Money", "Planning for Space" ISSofBC Welcome House, Vancouver
  • 2017 SPRE Site Visits: New Westminster: Seniors Services Society and Aunt Leah’s Place. Victoria: Social Innovation Centre (Immigrant Services Society + Victoria Family Service Society) 
  • 2015 SPRE / NCN Conference: "Building Opportunities and Connecting Possibilities", Vancouver
  • 2012 SPRE Mini Workshops: "To Hold/ To Sell/ To Develop", "Functional Programming for Non Profit Organizations","ABC's of Development", "Leasing or Buying--Colocation or Solo", HiVE, Vancouver
  • 2010 SPRE Conference: "Our Places Our Spaces", Vancouver


  • 2017 Housing Central / BC Non Profit Housing Conference Bursaries, Richmond 
  • 2015 Building Opportunities Conference Bursaries, Vancouver
  • 2013 Building Opportunities Conference Bursaries, Denver
  • 2011 Building Opportunities Conference Bursaries, Los Angeles
  • 2010 Our Places Our Spaces Conference Bursaries, Vancouver