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A Look at the Impact of Loss of Faith Spaces on the Not for Profit Sector in Toronto

John Lorinc investigates COVID driven loss of faith owned properties and the impact on not for profits in Toronto.

Federal Capital Assistance Call for Proposals to Black Organizations

Proposals accepted until July 27th The Supporting Black Canadian Communities Call for Proposals (CFP) provides capital assistance to Black organizations in Canada to build capacity to better fulfill their missions, and better...

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Land for Community Benefit Forum

"Land for Community Benefit in a Post Pandemic BC is an opportunity to shift the discourse, the power and ultimately the system towards a fairer, more equitable place. A place that provides space for community—all communities—all...

Webinar June 25 - An Innovative Real Estate Model

Learn more about Community Impact Real Estate and their work to protect the assets of vulnerable communities against gentrification in Vancouver's DTES.  Sponsored by the Real Estate Institute of BC.

BC Gaming Grants available to address impact of COVID 19

Apply for assistance with COVID 19 impact on your organization

Vantage Point's Recent Research Infographic

The Size, Scope and Impact of BC's Non-Profit Sector Infographic makes the case for the importance of the sector

Heritage BC Update

Heritage BC's position on diversity and addressing systemic racism.

Announcing Black Spaces Symposium - Virtual/Vancouver/July 23-25

Afro Van Connect would like to announce our “Black Space Symposium Virtual” taking place this Summer, July 23 - 25th. We truly believe to change the place we need a space, so we are starting a new conversation. The Black Space Symposium is about...

New SPRE case studies that inspire us

In the month ahead SPRE presents 4 new case studies that showcase innovative solutions for housing and community space. This week - Broadway Youth Resource Centre and Kwayatsut Housing.

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