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Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative

c/o Vancity Community Foundation
#409, 312 Main Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 2T2

Jacqueline Gijssen, Project Director

Jacqueline (Jacquie) Gijssen is the Project Director and a founding member of the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative. Established in 2009, this collective of funders and investors seeks to mitigate the impacts of the real estate market on non profits and social enterprise and to help them with their real estate needs. Prior to joining SPRE, Jacquie served for 10 years as the City of Vancouver’s Senior Planner for Cultural Spaces/ Infrastructure and previous to that enjoyed a 25-year career in arts, culture and the non-profit sector serving in multiple leadership roles.

Jacquie works with and advises non-profits, social entrepreneurs, architects, developers, planners, members of the real estate community, government and funders on the challenges and opportunities for creating and preserving space for community. The recipient of several awards for her work individually and as part of collaborative teams, Jacquie has served on numerous boards and committees for culture, housing, neighbourhood planning and environment, and is an avid outdoor enthusiast.




 Danielle Bizinelli (Dani), Project Coordinator

Danielle Bizinelli (Dani) has 7+ years of experience  working for local municipal governments in Brazil. She has  a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Planning, and she  has worked in medium and large-scale urban projects,  drawing budgets, schedules and providing follow up for  funding and accountability agencies. She is pursuing a  master's degree in Community and Regional Planning at  UBC and she is passionate about social justice and the relationship between the built environment and human behavior. Danielle loves traveling and having a cup of coffee and a slice (or 2) of cake while chatting with friends.

As a former UBC Sustainability Scholar, applying the lens of diversity, access, reconciliation and equity, she explored challenges and opportunities for the Social Purpose Real Estate sector in providing affordable social and cultural spaces.