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Since the founding of the Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative in 2009, SPRE has sought to collect data on the types of social purpose real estate spaces that exist in BC 1. This data, and in particular the accompanying visual materials, are vital to telling the story of social purpose real estate—its value to communities, as well as the opportunities and indeed the challenges of building and operating space for the nonprofit, charitable and social enterprise sectors.

With the assistance of a research grant from BC Housing, in 2017 SPRE undertook a research project to develop a series of informative case studies in social purpose real estate as well as feature multiple space profiles capturing key pieces of data describing the space—where it is located, what programs and services are provided, who owns, who operates, who tenants, etc. By improving our collective understanding of what is social purpose real estate and the elements involved in creating and operating these spaces, SPRE is able to better advocate for social purpose real estate spaces as well as strategically support the sector.


SPRE would like to acknowledge all of the individuals/organizations who participated in the case study research and provided information on their social purpose real estate projects. The work of these groups is truly inspiring. We are grateful for your contributions to this project and the work you do on a day-to-day basis in this Province!

Financial Support: BC Housing and Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative

Research: Jordan Brown, SPRE Researcher

Writing / Editing / Project Management: Jordan Brown, SPRE Researcher and Jacqueline Gijssen, SPRE Project Director 

Case Study / Space Profiles Working Group: Michelle Eggli & Irene Gannitsos – Vancity Community Foundation, Jennifer Johnstone – Central City Foundation, Julia Dugaro – City of New Westminster, Wendy Mendes – City of Vancouver, Jordan Brown & Jacqueline Gijssen – SPRE Collaborative