News & Updates

NEW - Case Studies in Social Purpose Real Estate

SPRE is proud to share seven new case studies in social purpose real estate and 30+ profiles on spre projects from around BC. Digging deep into topics of partnerships/people, steps to realization, funding/financing, operations/tenanting and impact/lessons learned, the studies cover a diversity of projects from across all sectors. Check them out on the "Case Studies" pages, Social Purpose Real Estate Colaborative.

AMP CoWorking Space is Looking for New Members

Check out opportunities at the AMP and other fantastic co-working spaces across BC

Reprieve From Property Tax Increases for BC Housing Non Profits

The start on a deserately needed review of property assessement classifications--where land desingated for non profit use (non market housing or other), is not assessed at market levels.

New Westminster Approves Affordable Housing Project for Creative Community

Building on the success of Vancouver's Performing Arts Lodge (see SPRE Case Studies), PAL #2 recently approved by New Westminster City Council. Sixty-six non-market rental units for artists!

Toronto's New "Creative Co-Location" Property Tax Classification

A pilot project to test a new property tax subclass for creative co-location "... meant to significantly reduce the tax burden on landlords who let their buildings be colonized by cultural hubs. In exhcange for providing below-market leases in a commercial rental market... landlords will see their tax bills substantially reduced." 

SPRE Collaborative - 2017 Year in Review

SPRE's first year with p/t staff on board! Check out the Year in Review and our Contact link (below) to reach Jacquie Gijssen, Project Director or Jordan Brown, Researcher.

San Francisco Addressing Non Profit Displacement

San Francisco's Office of Housing and Community Development together with the San Francisco Arts Commission and the Northern California Community Loan Fund are launching a series of programs to mitigate the impacts of commerical real estate markets on non profits in the region. The Nonprofit Space Investment Fund, Nonprofit Space Stabilization Program and the Nonprofit Impact Accelerator support nonprofit space and sustainablity. 

Vancity Community Foundation Real Estate Grants - Ongoing

Vancity's approach aims to build the capacity and confidence of organizations to concieve, plan and undertake impactful and enterprising social purpose real estate projects and to connect them with the resources they need - expertise, partners, grant funding and creative financing--as they move along the development path. 

Canada Cultural Spaces Funding - Ongoing

The Canada Cultural Spaces Fund (CCSF) supports the improvement of physical conditions/spaces for artistic creativity and innovation. The fund supports the improvement, renovation and construction of arts and heritage facilities, as well as the acquisition of specialized equipment and feasiblity studies. 

Real Estate Foundation of BC - Grant Deadline - Feb 28, 2018

Real Estate Foundation grants support projects, initiatives and sustainable solutions that address current land use challenges and help communities to plan for the future. Grants are available for research, knowledge mobilization, public and professional education and initiatives that support law and policy analysis/reform and other land use and real estate related projects benefiting BC communities.