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Keeping Community Owned Assets in Community Hands

From meeting and program spaces for Boy Scouts and service clubs to any variety of health, social, childcare and arts spaces, lodges, halls and faith based sites are vital community assets and valuable social purpose real estate.

Ryerson United delivers social purpose real estate community space and social housing

Heritage upgrades to the sanctuary, improvements for the cultural use (Ryerson is a major performance venue for the Vancouver choral community), new community spaces (rehearsal, non profit offices, community meeting space) and social housing!

Faith based sites teaming up with non profit developer to create affordable housing

Using existing community owned assets, Vancouver's Oakridge Lutheran Church and Catalyst Development maximize options for affordable housing

Housing Central Bursary Recipients Announced

With thanks to the Real Estate Foundation of BC, City of Vancouver Social Policy and Projects and Vancity Community Foundation, 10 individuals/organizations involved in social purpose real estate will be attending BC’s only non-profit real estate conference put on by the BC Non-Profit Housing Association. Congratulations to the 2017 recipients:

  • First United Shelter - Stephen Bell
  • Fraserside Community Services Society - Lynda Edmonds
  • Westend Seniors' Network - Karsten Kaemling 
  • Tyee Housing Co-operative - Michael Hawkins 
  • Société Maison de la Francophonie - Catherine Tableau
  • Cedar Cottage Neighbourhood House - Tanya Fink 
  • Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre - Sandy Biggerstaff 
  • Healing Spirit Lodge Society - Olivia Jim 
  • Cowichan Green Community - Judy Stafford
  • Aunt Leah's Place - Alex Tokiwa