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BC Event Re-opening Guide

Federal Infrastructure $ for shovel ready projects in COVID recovery.

Federal Infrastructure $ ahead for smaller “shovel ready” projects in the COVID recovery.

Vantage Point COVID-19 Response

Vantage Point's COVID Response - a new short-term initiative, matches not-for-profit leaders with skilled volunteers.  

Federal Announcement on Rent Assistance Aids Charities and Non-Profits

A major announcement this morning provides commercial rent assistance that will apply to not-for-profits and charities - “This program will lower rent by 75 per cent for small businesses that have been affected by COVID-19.”

COVID 19 Resource Lists

A comprehensive and evolving list from Imagine Canada  

And from Heritage BC


Legal Lunch & Learn: Commercial Leases in Times of Trouble

Presented by Pacific Legal Education and Outreach Society - Law for Non-Profits

Guest: Grant Haddock of Haddock & Company Lawyers, moderated by Martha Rans
Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Free webinar via Zoom


COVID19 and its impact on Not-for-profits, social enterprises and the artist/creative sector

COVID19 is affecting so many people—individuals, families, friends and communities. SPRE is acutely aware of the challenges being faced by the NPO sector in this time of uncertainty, and of their incredible work supporting community and in particular vulnerable populations. We are here to help in what ever way we can—our 19 members are each active within their network of not-for-profits, social enterprises and artist/creative sectors. There are so many excellent resources to help organizations—at this time SPRE is focusing on just a few with links below to other sites and in separate news and resources posts where deeper info may be found. Be safe and let’s all care for each other—those close to us and those we may not know, but who are equally important members of our communities.

Information for Canadian Heritage grants and contributions recipients related to COVID-19

BC Museums Association

BC Housing

Imagine Canada Press Release - COVID 19 impact on charitable sector

Imagine Canada’s press release on the impact of 3 months of restrictions on the charitable sector as a result of Covid19 draws a devastating picture. The financial and employment impacts are staggering and without support will collapse many in the sector. Leading the way, Imagine Canada is advocating for a federal investment support package for the sector to stabilize organizations enabling them to continue critical programs and services. For more on the initiative, to add your name to the list of organizations, or find details on where to send your own letters, go to


Social Purpose Real Estate Law Conference – Online and Free March 27 []

This half-day conference will examine the legal, policy, and practical aspects of NPOs accessing and developing real estate with a focus on public lands while ensuring they serve public purposes in perpetuity. Drawing on experts from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors, this conference is ideal for nonprofit and government professionals trying to understand the barriers and current strategies to unlock the social purpose potential of real estate in Canada.

City of Vancouver Social Policy Capital Grants

Opening Monday March 9, 2020.   Deadline for applications is Thursday, April 9, 2020 at 4:30 PM      The Social Policy Capital Grants program provides matching grant support for small scale social infrastructure improvements in Vancouver. These could include: health and safety upgrades; renovations or additions to better deliver programs and serve clients; or planning and feasibility studies for future construction.

Application forms and further information, including eligibility, can be found here starting March 9: