Social Purpose Real Estate Collaborative (SPRE)

Welcome to the Social Purpose Real Estate (SPRE) Collaborative’s website.  This site has been created to support, enhance and increase the capacity of not for profits and social enterprises to find, develop and operate real estate assets to better serve their communities.

Find resources, connections and opportunities to learn more about real estate for not-for-profits and social enterprises, and innovative approaches to developing partnerships in relation to space.

Participate in projects that research and raise awareness of the importance of the sector and its real estate needs. If you represent a not-for-profit organization in BC, please  participate in the 2020 Rent Lease Own Survey coming Fall 2020. For more information go to

Learn more about how to contribute to public policy and help build a stronger framework of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

Share news, updates, information and resources of interest to the sector.  

Offer your experience and let us know what you think. Contact

The SPRE Collaborative works to inspire and enable BC not-for-profits and social enterprises to create resilient, inclusive and connected communities.

Founded in 2009, SPRE is a group of funders and investors from philanthropy, business and government focused on building the capacity of individuals and organizations struggling in BC’s real estate markets. SPRE itself is not a funding program, landlord or building operator, rather,  a Collaborative in which individual members work together on strategies to assist not-for-profit and social enterprise organizations with their real estate needs.

Each SPRE Collaborative member has its own unique focus, approach and program offerings. All members work to build community assets on their own, or through unique partnerships and investments, that create a blend of real social, environmental and financial returns. Click on a member’s logo below to learn more about their organization


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